June of 2014 was North Watford Church of the Nazarene’s 90th Anniversary, so there are many years of history to share.

The early beginning started when a “group of men knelt in prayer and claimed the ground on which to build a church for God and the preaching of God’s Great Salvation.” This site is the same sight of the current church.

“Finally a tent was erected and the meetings commenced. Opposition came in the form of residents banging dustbin lids outside. Despite this the work went on and in 1924 a church was built and the foundation stones were laid. The building was dedicated to the Glory of God and to the preaching of the Gospel, and was registered under the name of the International Holiness Mission.”

Since that time we have seen 7 pastors’ ministry, many lives changed for the Kingdom of God, a buildings extensions, said farewell as people passed away or move on, updates to technology, a change in our neighbourhood – but through it all “the ‘torch’ of witness has now passed from those of ‘yesterday’ to those of ‘today’. It is great to realise that the same God leads today’s members forward in His work as those ‘Pioneers’ of former years.”

excerpts from a history written by Mr. John Sankey, church member until his passing in 2002.