New Year’s EVE Gathering

On new year’s eve the Nazarene British Isle South District are holding a special ‘Zoom’ event for folks around the District. This is a great opportunity to widen our horizons further than would be normally be possible, especially during lockdown, by gathering with Nazarenes from across the country and connecting with people from further afield. The evening has been designed to have a nice balance of light hearted fun, and some spiritual content, and has breaks dispersed throughout, so that we don’t become too ‘Zoomed out’. A schedule is included within the poster below.

The event will be held on Zoom and you can join in by using the info below…

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 842 1762 1751  Passcode: 868171 

You can join from 7:45pm on Thursday 31st December for an 8:00pm start.

Further information from the District Superintendent, Rev. Carl McCann…

The evening is broken down into 45 minute segments, broken up with several breaks – so that we aren’t just sat on zoom. 

  • The first 2 segments are the quiz, along with 10 minute interview visits with Nazarenes in Israel and Belarus. It’s worth mentioning the quiz prizes: some valuable, some helpful, some treats, and some bizarre! Nazarene BISD on FB includes a list.
  • The 3rd segment is focussed on prayer for 4 Nazarene churches across our District, along with a 10 minute interview visit with a Nazarene in The Netherlands.
  • The final segment includes some worship and a devotional led by Karl Stanfield & Brooklands, followed by Communion, before a time of meet and greet with each other through multiple breakout rooms, and then concluding by actually bringing in the New Year.

Finally, we will also be revealing a BISD collaborative art piece that 24 churches have contributed to during lockdown! I can promise you that it is well worth seeing!