Church Re-Opening

Dear all,

We are about to start trialling a re-opening of our church with a ‘live’ congregation. Over the next two Sundays, 20th and 27th, you will be able to book to attend. Because numbers are strictly limited to 30 for these services it is essential you book if you want to be there. More of that in a minute.

In preparation for re-opening we have prepared both a covid-19 risk assessment and a church re-opening information sheet. You can view / download these documents here. PLEASE READ THE INFORMATION SHEET before booking as it contains important information for you to know. See also our post on September Services. You might also like to view the briefing given on our Sunday Service this week (see YouTube here: and scroll to about 19 minutes in).

The service next week (20th) is the first with general congregational attendance and the service on the 27th will also be Harvest. PLEASE ONLY BOOK FOR ONE OF THESE initially while we gauge attendance and how many are likely to want to be there. We want to give as many as we can the opportunity to attend one of these two services. Info on the 27th will be available later this week.

So, how to book… To reserve your place please go to our bookings page here. Or if you have difficulties with online forms you can call Naomi in the office (see footer for number). Booking for the 20th opens at noon tomorrow, Monday September 14th and closes Saturday 19th at noon (this gives us time to arrange the seating accordingly). Bookings for 27th will open later in the week.

We have 30 places available at each service, but six of these are reserved for the Pastor and support team (AV team, Stewards etc.) meaning 24 are available for booking. We are holding back 4 of the 24 for a few days for the office to assign as above – any not used after a couple of days will be made available for general use.

Don’t worry if you miss out, we will be making sure we share out the opportunities to attend. We will also continue streaming all our services on YouTube or Facebook for the foreseeable future. See Sunday Services On-Line.

Lastly, we know the experience will not be normal church (no singing!) and much of the social element will be missing (no close contact, no tea / coffee etc.). Facilities will also be restricted so there will be no creche or Sunday School, which means services may not be a great experience for younger children as they will be required to sit quietly with and be supervised by their parent/guardian/carer. You will also be required to wear face masks and no groups of more than six people may attend together. But we rejoice in a God who loves us and we can still praise Him together in this new way of doing church. His love never fails.

That’s it for now. Any problems call Bob or Naomi and we will do our best to help you out.